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The Magic Bus Tour

I have added many little tidbits to the Magic Bus. None of them really worthy of their own blog. I have also repaired a few things, changed things up a little bit, moved things around, and even repainted a few places.┬áSo lets look…. Why not just take a tour of the whole van? ┬áHere is the Magic Bus tour.

First, I did add a gas stove to the kitchen. I purchased this guy right here..

TexSport Single Burner Stove

I see one review that says that it is cheaply made. I disagree. It’s simply made, but it’s not cheap. The steel is of heavy gauge and everything works great. I am highly impressed with this stove. Now of course if it clogs up real easy down the road, I might change my mind. As it stands now. It looks to me that it is just fine.

This was one of the first pictures I took of the van. This is what it looks like now.
Bus Inside raw 1 Magic Bus Tour

But stepping out, and coming in the side door…

Magic Bus Tour

Looking from the front to back…

Magic Bus Tour Magic Bus Tour Magic Bus Tour

Looking to the left, you will see the bathroom… complete with shower…

Magic Bus Tour Magic Bus Tour Magic Bus Tour Magic Bus Tour

Moving past, we get to the kitchen section. Still in progress, but there is at least a stove. The water tank is below.
Magic Bus Tour
Looking to the right, you see the workstation and some of the outlets and controls…

Magic Bus Tour Magic Bus Tour

Turning around and looking back to the front…

With the bed area put up… With the bed pulled out…
Magic Bus Tour Magic Bus Tour

There are several more things to be done.

I am going to build a solar water heater and air heater. I am also going to build a vent for the stove, powered by blower. I am still deciding what to do with the rest of the kitchen. Everywhere else, there will be wire frame shelving.

Stay tuned.