Color Is Added


The couch bench has been built. The construction has been finished. Time to add some color. I have lots of paint just going to waste. So I decided to open them up and see what I had. I found a full can of yellow latex indoor paint. I liked the brightness, so I decided to paint the bathroom panels with it. It really adds a punch to it. The inside of the bathroom has not been painted yet. It will get more Rustoleum enamel paint. That’s coming soon.

I found another full can of purple paint. So that’s what I painted everything else with. There is just something about covering raw wood that makes it final. For one, it seals the wood and protects it from moisture. Paint keeps mold and mildew from growing. It also just looks interesting.

The color really brightens the place up. Starting to look like a Magic Bus now!

Bus Painted 6 Bus Painted 5 Bus Painted  14 Bus Painted 13
Bus Painted 12 Bus Painted 11 Bus Painted 10 Bus Painted 9
Bus Painted 8 Bus Painted 7