Paint can change the look of a room, but that’s understandable. Curtains, or drapes, can also change the look as well. It’s such a little thing, but it makes a huge difference. It really does make it feel more at home.

Just like the paint, I have a bunch of fabric around too. Most of it was dark colors, which I didn’t want. The sun shining in will heat it up too much. Plus, I like the color. So I found some green fabric and yellow fabric with lady bugs on it. PERFECT!! Yellow bathroom stall, purple cabinets, and lady bug drapes.

I also had some black felt. So I made drapes with ¬†one side the green fabric, and the other side the lady bugs. Sandwiched between them is the black felt. Inside will keep the sun off the blackness, but the blackness inside will keep the sun out. It will also keep the lights from inside shining out at night. It’s privacy all around now. It’s starting to get really comfy.

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