LED lights and no more painting

First off, as you can see in the pictures I got some lights going on. LED lights. I found some inexpensive LED strands on ebay. I wasn’t sure about them, but I am actually impressed. They are super bright and much cheaper than the place I was getting them.

They are waterproof and self sticking. Of course, self sticking never works. Like I said before. When it comes to adhesion, when you stick it down it doesn’t want to stay stuck, that is unless you put it in the wrong place. If you need to pull it up and move it, well then it’s stuck down for life. If you get it stuck where you want it, it starts peeling away like the S.S. Minnow on Gilligan’s Island and his special glue. I will have to figure out a more permanent way to stick them, but for now they will work.

I also don’t have my power supply yet, so I am going off the van battery. Luckily, LEDS don’t use very much volts. So I am not running my battery down. That is, as long as I don’t leave them on all night and never start the engine. That’s not happening.

These LED strands are made to take 12 volts, which is what most car batteries are. The LEDs are in a group of threes. Which means, every third LED you can cut the strand. Then you just cut away the weather proofing and solder leads onto the two copper spots. Very easy to do.

As you can see, I also finished painting the bathroom. It’s no longer raw wood. I painted it lavender. Why that color? Because that is the color you get when you mix all the leftover enamel paint that I had. Since there will be water, I couldn’t use a water based paint. So I gathered all of my Rustoleum paint that I had, and I mixed it all together. Out came lavender, which is better than puke green or baby poop brown. No complaints here.

LED lights 1 LED lights 2 LED lights 3
LED lights 4 LED lights 5 LED lights 6