Video Tour

On a spring day, I sit in the magic bus taking in the first rain since the van became the magic bus. No leaks, that’s a good thing. The sound is fulfilling. It’s peaceful. The only problem, is there is not much I can do. That’s why I pulled out my iphone and decided to shoot a little video tour.

Some things to note. The sleeping quarters are above the cab. The panel that slides out makes into the bed. There is no mattress there just yet, but there will be when it’s time. The shower hasn’t been painted yet. I will need to paint it with enamel paint, and I just haven’t been in the mood to do it yet. The cab still needs to be finished out as well. It needs work.

The video tour starts off in the cab. You can see it needs work. We then turn to face the inside. As we get up, we turn around and see the sleeping area. From there we walk through. Seeing the couch, the work area, the kitchen, and the unfinished shower. You can see the sky light and take special note of the curtains.

Bus Outside raw